Animal Health Trust (Major)

The Animal Health Trust aims to fight disease and injury in animals through its pioneering work improving diagnosis, treatments and prevention in horses dogs and cats.

Our Charity has supported the AHT since 2002 and total grants exceed £270,000. Of this, £165,000 funded AHT’s pioneering research into the prevention and detection of strangles, a serious and potentially fatal equine disease with major welfare and economic consequences. The research centred on the development of an effective vaccine and accurate and speedy diagnostic testing.

We are currently funding research into the genetic basis for leg fractures in thoroughbred racehorses, the most common injury and cause of death of racehorses in the UK. Our grant of £105,000 enabled AHT to secure match funding from the Paul Mellon Foundation. The aim of the research is to understand the genetic risk of fracture using stem cells and to validate a test which identifies horses as being of high or low genetic risk of leg fracture. This will help breeders reduce fracture risk, help trainers and owners provide closer monitoring and modified training regimes for high risk horses and may also allow the future development of novel pharmaceuticals to reduce the risk of fracture.

AHT has been chosen as our nominated charity for our Charity Race Day at Bangor on Dee Racecourse on 11 November 2015. More information about AHT can be found at