Scourie Sports Pavilion (Highlands)

Scourie Sports Pavilion was built in 2014 to provide much needed changing facilities for the important social amenity of the sports field.

In 1999 the Highland Council provided a sports field in the remote village of Scourie in the North West Sutherland, a very sparsely populated area of the Highlands of Scotland consisting of small and remote communities. This became a valued community asset attracting a wide variety of sporting activity. However, the lack of toilets and changing facilities was an acute inconvenience and curtailed the wider use of the field. The building was also needed for the safe storage of portable landing lights for a medical helicopter on the site.

The fundraisers for the pavilion were confident that the provision of changing and toilet facilities would help address issues of social isolation and disabled access and promote greater community participation resulting from increased sporting activity (particularly within the youth of the community).

The project fundraisers were successful in securing public finance for the £300,000 project. However, there was a critical £20,000 funding shortfall which needed to be secured as a matter of urgency as a significant proportion of the public finance was conditional upon the project completed by 31 March 2014. They made an urgent appeal to ADWC and Westminster Foundation for assistance. In collaboration, the two charities, together with Lady Jane Grosvenor were able to make grants for the full £20,000 in the requisite timescale. The Pavilion was completed on time and was officially opened on 7 June 2014.